While living in Southern California owners Jonathan Bone and Justin Mclaughlin developed an obsession with a tasty and colorful dish with roots from Brazil called Acai Bowls. "A-kah-i? or is it Ah-kay?" ( its Ah-sigh-ee) they pondered its pronunciation as they fueled up for long days of surfing, hiking or rock climbing under the Cali sun. Soon these healthy,  nutrient filled bowls became a staple of their diets. Several years later Jon and Justin reconnected only this time back on the east coast where they were both originally from. They often reminisced about their days living out west and always would find themselves longing for those refreshing and satisfying purple bowls. 

In 2015 the two decided they were going to do their part to bring the Acai Bowl to the east coast. They invested in a food truck, began their journey towards their life goal. Their simple mission is to create healthy, delicious and visually stunning bowls that can be enjoyed by all. The menu is designed to be altered and modified to fit any customers tastes as well as health or dietary limitations. Real fruit is used in both the Bowls and Smoothies and they are never artificially flavored or sweetened. In addition to providing truly appetizing cuisine, they strives to educate and demonstrate to its customers that eating healthy can be easy and enjoyable.